Origen y Fuego

“One’s own self is well hidden from one’s own self; of all mines of treasure, one’s own is the last to be dug up.” Friedrich Nietzsche

Contemplation of volumes, traversing space from fullness to emptiness, making visible that which has no shape but which, through movement and concept, acquires character and materiality to finally inhabit a space: its own space. Movement intertwines between marine and desert life in a dance from within. Silent oeuvres that blossom from turmoil; eighteen pieces of small and medium format with which Angella Holguin (1981) submerges into a vertiginous and internal abstract universe that gives as a result the series of Origen y Fuego, with which the artist incursions in sculpture.

Through her encounter with metal  (bronze, stainless steel and steel) Angella confronts a quest to find her own language by listening to the material’s own discourse, observing its organic shape and with wild cuts transform enormous plaques of steel into passages of introspection discovering her inner voice.

Death as an end of cycles, transmutations, the purifying quality of fire, the bonding nature and female quality of Earth, the eternal quest of the soul towards liberty are some of the emotions that shape and give form to her metalwork; generating pieces that with their movement and rhythm keep growing into themselves, enclosing spaces, and finding their own reason to be.

The absence of fear in encountering this rough material, innocence, purity, knowledge of the creative processes, conscience of sculpture as means of telling stories, are the most surprising qualities in the work of Holguin, and it is here that her power and esthetic emerges.

Antonio Castañeda Ortiz
Origen y Fuego, 2015
Sculptures by Angella Holguin.