A piece emerging from itself, expanding inwards, outwards, overflowing through each crevice. Ramifications that seem endless, sculptures stretching themselves until they touch the most profound; that place where our footprints prevail to tell our story.

The Earth gives birth to the intimate, manifested as a body growing together with wood side-by-side, stretching through the ground towards the summit. A Life contained, pulsating on hold within the pieces, waiting to arise, to invade other places, to wrap us. In the meantime, water flows and filters through the earth, encircling everything. Nevertheless there is a solid space where we can grow roots and feel the energy running through the materials.

Works of art function as mirrors and thresholds into a world where proportions defy logic, materials are not what they seem; everything is about to mutate, expand and become an alter reality where bodies are confused with the forms they project.

Holguin´s sculptures refuse to be a finished oeuvre and place themselves in a space of infinite possibilities as an invitation for the observer to participate in the creative process. Those of us, who stand up in the middle of ENCUENTROS, have to face our own stories that never stop to be told, and all the projections behind our genealogy. In this place within lies our need to interpellate ourselves, to feel how our own body grows and how the world around us is inevitably transformed.

Ana Clara Muro
Encuentros, 2019
Sculptures by Angella Holguin
Galería Libertad, Querétaro, México