An undefined form reminiscent of other forms, the pieces containing Angella’s exhibition position us in a space between nature and matter, figures captured in an instant, with a dormant rhythm, as if all of a sudden they would start moving with the cadence of that which grows and expands: life. In the era of the Anthropocene, a time when there is no corner in Earth left untouched by human activity, we transform ourselves into a geological force going back to non-human organisms, achieving compositions, infusing life above the sterile and the inert.

Steel is meant to make endure that which under normal circumstances would perish. Angella’s work introduces a paradox: to make timeless that which has a limited duration. The observation of creation is a free moving around, as is the physical body forging and molding metal – and the given – stones, clay, and natural forms.

Organisms proliferate and multiply with the sensuality that we put into objects by our awareness. The volumes submitted in this process by Angella don’t dictate, don’t order how they should be/be read/ be understood. Their brightness, oxides and blues extend to touch us and remind us how weak is the line separating our bodies form other organisms.


Yolanda Segura
Eukarya, 2017
Sculptures by Angella Holguin.