Installation by Angella Holguin

Sublimation is defined as the act or consequence of sublimating, which is to flow from a solid state to that of vapor; to magnify, emphasize, or praise someone or something.

In Sublimation, Angella, honors the natural process that certain organisms go through to manifest the development and emergence of life. 144 steel pieces with bronze incrustations and crystal spheres (100 x 250 x 350 cm.) create an artificial garden which interacts with the environment of MUCAL; bestowing it with a dreamlike essence. The piece´s esthetic movement and the rays of sunshine blend harmoniously with the environment. Sublimation is a small homage to creation, and to the intrinsic substance that surrounds and penetrates every organism; for life to develop and manifest itself on multiple forms, space, and time.


Antonio Castañeda Ortiz
Sublimation, 2016
Sculptures by Angella Holguin
Museo del Calendario, Querétaro.