Harvesting the Fruits of Correspondence

The word responsibility comes from the Latin word responsum, which means to correspond with others. Encompassing this concept, the focal point of Responsum is formed by an organic figure, a plant which harbors the seeds of correspondence. These seeds are symbolized by a core of gears which, with suggestive rhythm and movement, motivates the act of corresponding. Living forms embrace and protect them, closing a cycle of responsibility and giving rise to a concept that we must naturally pursue in order to harvest the fruits of correspondence.

Every individual and intermutual growth is nourished by the understanding of responsibility. Without these seeds we wouldn’t have the fruits that we must cultivate as humankind.

Responsum, 2017-2018
Sculptures by Angella Holguin
Public Sculpture Commission for The State Government of Querétaro
Centro Educativo y Cultural Manuel Gómez Morin, Querétaro, Querétaro, Mexico.