Artist Statement

Nature goes through constant change by means of a complex process of growth, transmutation, and extinction. We can all observe these cyclical processes in order for transformations to occur. As humans, we share this trait, not only physically but also spiritually. Nature became an every-day influence in my work so the concept of transformation took a strong hold in the sculptures I create.

Nature is my major source of inspiration. Sea corals, cells, plants and all living organisms are reflections of our own inner world, full of infinite possibilities, pursuing changes to achieve survival outcomes. Due to this admiration, my organic sculptures are mainly large scale and represent organic life, symbolizing my inner natural world which is also in a constant process of transformation.

My main media is steel and stainless steel. With the use of fire I transmute metal into organic forms. My work done with wood reflects my stages of joy and playfulness. With this material I can express softness and warmth. Clay with colored glaze livens my pieces. In mixed media each material reflects a particular change taking place in the process towards my final outcome of transformation.

Without a first purpose my sculptures end up talking symbolically to me, telling me what it is all about, reflecting my unconscious states of feelings, becoming a mirror of the processes going through in my deepest cyclical states of being in my need for transformations to occur. My expectation is that my work, reflecting my cycles of play, tenderness, and healing, nourishes the viewer as well.